Can /e/ Drive be removed?

I don’t have a /e/ account, because i don’t need one. I use Syncthing to sync my files and a mail provider which offers sync for calender and such.

Is it okay to remove /e/ Drive or is it needed for any system related functionallity? If this is already documented, please post a link. Thank you very much.


I too would also be interested in that.

It might be a good idea to separate /e/ services from the /e/ ROM, just like OpenGApps is separate from Lineage OS. Give’s users more choice (and a cleaner slate), and reduce space used by the ROM.


Hi @support

Don’t want to bug you (you do a fantastic job with /e/), but could someone give a short statement if is safe to remove /e/ Drive if the user do not sync anything to the /e/ environment or even has a /e/ account? Or point us to the documentation, thank you.

Yours sincerely

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I am sure there is no official document on how to remove the /e/ drive from the ROM. There are some posts on this subject. Not sure if anyone has tried this before with the /e/drive. There is a chance it may impact the working of the ROM so be prepared with backups and alternate ROM’s downloaded in case you need to roll back.

Hi @Manoj and thank you for the fast response. I know how to remove the application, but i’m not sure if this would impact the OS. I was hoping a dev could answer this question with ease, but it doesn’ seem to be so easy. I’ll leave /e/ Drive on the system for now and will update the thread if i decide to test it myself.

Hello, I would be interested too in removing some native /e/ apps. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!

I see you have the /e/ user tag, so i guess you’re using the /e/ services (which include /e/ Drive)? If so, i would be careful in removing /e/ applications.

I stopped /e/ Drive and removed the storage permission to see if this has any impact. After some tests, i decided to remove the application. I do not really remove it from the entire system, i remove the apps for my user with adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 [APP_NAME], so i can reinstall the app with adb shell cmd package install-existing [APP_NAME] if necessary.

Thanks to @AnotherElk, who has given me the hint.

Please keep in mind that you can break something, fiddle on your own risk and don’t make /e/ responsible if something didn’t work as expected after you mess with the system applications. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @spktkpkt for your answer and for sharing your experience. I was expecting developers’ answers to see if they plan to make this removal available without breaking anything :slight_smile:

The developer are not planning on making such modifications to the code at the moment. There was an plan to come out with a version of the /e/OS with uninstallable default apps. That could not progress beyond the concept stage as the amount of code rework involved with substantial. We may plan it at a later stage but no ETA’s for now.


Never mind - keep on track with the main job, thank you for your good work!

Whenever it comes, I’ll be looking forward to that! :slight_smile: