Can I Delete the Weather widget

Hello @dotcoma. No, so far I can’t see any problems. /e/ OS Update - OTA - accepts the non-existence of the weather app and takes this into account, which means the W-app will not be installed again.


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How to open a cmd windows on the smartphone, please?

You can’t. CMD command prompt is a Windows® specific thing. With an Android Terminal Emulator App, you can emulate e.g. a VT-100 terminal to access the command line on the smartphone.

is it dangerous? lol
yesterday, I received my /e/ refurbished smartphone and I would like to delete some apps (weather, message, mail…)

Do you advise a terminal app, please?
I’m trying but I get “aborted”

@Manuekris, every intervention in the running system has its risks. But so far I have not been able to detect any “dangerous” system reactions in my experiments.

Before you make any changes, I recommend that you make a system backup to an external microSD card. That way you can your /e/ OS “stable build” save and in case of an emergency like going back to the beginning /e/ OS ROM.

With the already installed TWRP Recovery we can make a device-dependent backup (Nandroid-Backup) and pull this data over to the PC or store it on an external mircroSD card. See also → A complete system backup without root with TWRP Custom Recovery including EFS / IMEI on external microSD card

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Terminal and Command Prompt (CMD) only work on my desktop computer. For lack of experience I cannot recommend a terminal app. Have a look at the → F-Droig Store.


I’m trying Termux - you can find it in F-Droid here .
If I want to control it on my PC (running Ubuntu), or anything on my phone, I plug it in the USB port and run scrcpy.

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Yes, ‘verbose’ commands always need ‘–’ For example, on my Debian, for root acces:
$ su -l (short) or $ su --login is the same command, wich calls SU password.

My two cents :wink:

Settings. Systems. Advanced. Developer Options. Local terminal, set to enable. Terminal app is in apps list. Voila!

Bliss source code is available in /e/ gitlab :
Not 100% sure, but I found that :

  • weather widget is static, will be always displayed
  • Bliss relies on openweathermapprovider, not Weather app
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The weather widget is in bliss source. I stripped the weather stuff out for my personal preference. If anyone wants to try, download here. You can install it and the original Bliss still remains. This is of course unofficial, so use at your own risk. Password: bliss

wont work for me.
Terminux window:
$ pm uninstall -k --user 0
cmd: Failure calling service package: Failed transaction (2147483646)

Are you on the phone? add shell first.

Yes, I’m using Terminux on the phone.

Don’t know, you can try to type remount that makes system RW, but it’s a wild guess.

Do you mean Termux? To use the pm command I believe you have to be root first, just like in Linux/Unix. Thus…
su [enter]
Then issue the pm commands. If you don’t have root (Magisk or addonsu) then of course that route won’t work.

Yes, Termux.
I’ll try it from my PC. I was only wondering, because the guys spoke about uninstall from the phone direct without any word of root.

Better would be to have an option to deactivate the widget! :wink:


The Openweather widget is for me not accurate. 2 weeks ago it shows heavy rain the complete weekend, but there where no clouds!
It makes no sense to use it.

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