Can I get a confirmation on anti-rollback without re-locking bootloader?

Just got my fp5 a few days ago. I ran it’s system update, and the security patch is now for December. I see /e/ 1.18 is November.
I read the CAUTION bit about anti-rollback and I don’t want to brick.
I also read in a few places that anti-rollback doesn’t kick in if you don’t re-lock the bootloader.

Can anyone that’s flashed a fresh /e/ OS 1.18 onto the latest fp5 release confirm/deny that it works without bricking?


I’m an idiot who apparently likes to throw away money, so I tried it and it’s fine.

Flashed older /e/ build over newer fp5 build and did not re-lock bootloader.

Execute fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability
It it returns get_unlock_ability: 0 : do not relock the bootloader

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