Can I have ways to avoid the easy installing?

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I have a Samsung galaxy S9 Plus, (G965F/DS) with the latest firmware installed. (Stock ROM Q(10)- security update until 1MAR2022)
I’ve been investing a bit in this subject over the last few months, and I really wanted to make the switch to AOSP e/OS Q right away. But due to bad personal experiences in the past, in other “easy wizards” I tend to distrust the easier installation processes, which is why until now I have not relied on your easy installation this model have …
This is one of the reasons: the security I already know my Google stock ROM has, which makes me more cautious:

And of course the FRP safety issues related!
But another reason is that the manual installation of e/OS doesn’t rely too much on ADB commands, and the use of TWRP. (I already know the fastboot commands, not available Samsung)
If the Wizard installation method fails, the only way to install and repair the phone’s firmware would be PC> ODIN> TWRP>ADB fixing and then > e/OS.
As many flaws as TWRP has, the truth is that it’s the most versatile, widespread and open source way to replace the manufacturer’s recoveries - Stock ROM… (bixby + volume up + Power key) which in principle isn’t worth trying to install that way…
Can you help me with a detailed guide? A list of ADB commands is pretty clear and I already have it, as well as ODIN, my question is the detailed steps and how to get around the installation problems that I already anticipate having

Thank you, very much…

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Whether that will turn out an issue for you will almost certainly be revealed by reading carefully the top left corner of the Download mode screen (or share it here). If you have been using the phone for a while and in the region that was the phone’s original intended market, Knox / RMM will have relaxed. Equally, FRP should it exist, will show on the Download mode screen. Perhaps check out the troubleshooting section of Know your hardware - Samsung.

It is good to think ahead to these possibilities! :slight_smile:

Good luck.

only if you forget to remove your Gogol account

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Or a previous owner had forgotten to remove his Google accout :slight_smile:

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many Thanks,
I still have one doubt, and some clarification to my case…
As I understood, FRP google, is a security feature that in principle I do not have to worry, Since in my case I don´t have a Google email account, and If I have, i´v deleted before the setup e/OS, and avoid the problem ?

IS exactingly equal for RMM/ Knox ? Meaning if i did not used before the Knox or secure folder of Samsung, I will do not have this problem ?

Unfortunate to my case is my CSC is a Stock ROM, from France - Orange , but configured to a Portuguese operator SIM card, and Portuguese settings except for English language, sometimes change to Portuguese language )

What is the correct options using ODIN , to select in this case ?
thanks all help :grinning:

you can change this by first installing a free of carrier CSC according to your country

Portugal → TPH

Thank you, I see for caution reasons change my fw, stock ROM to one more appropriate to my country CSC…
But Before I´v used this ROM, it was done a factory reset, and if the SIM tray or phone have any vendor Lock feature, or related, it was impossible to using and configure a Portuguese SIM card, and Portuguese settings , Right ?
I already Know a good stock fw, guide to using, but on the other hand , i have one more Risk, to carry on, and doubts
SHOULD I really have to carry on this step ? or it if safe to change to e/OS, ? canu you give more details ? Thank you very much…

CSC is mostly usefull to receive the right stock updates and upgrades.
the generic Portuguese firmware include all P TMN, Vodafone, Optimus carrier’s APN
when specific include only one APN for the dedicated carrier, and some additionnal apps and customisations choosen by the carrier.

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But, I was refereeing more about the reasons, why I should - have to do this step, since for stability reasons I prefer to maintain an e/OS - Q, and this phone not actual receiving any more update, closed in 2022. on the other hand and trust that this guide: is accurate and correct, I can have or not issues with Google FRP and RMM/KG, that i´m not so far really comfortable…

Q was abandonned by /e/ since 10 month in the “Official” branch, and since 9 month in the “Community” branch

you are not concerned by those issues

no risk, no fun ! :grinning:
seriously, Samsung devices are nearly unbrickable

Significant is not the Google email account itself but on the phone in Settings > Accounts you delete / remove all accounts and significantly Google and Samsung before you Factory reset prior to /eOS install.