Can i insall /e/os with TWRP

I am using Poco F1 (beryrillum) and i am currently on Awakenos A13 and i am planing to move to /e/os and while checking installation guide it requires me to connect the phone with a pc but my phones type c port is damaged an i cannot my pc and phone so can i install /e/os form the twrp like i install other custom roms

Yes in principle … but

this would be inadvisable if Awakenos A13 is indeed Android 13. The most recent /e/OS build is, where s indicates Android 12.

Generally /e/OS should not be used to attempt to downgrade Android version.

The install page is quite specific.

Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is currently using the firmware version mentioned below. If your current installation is newer or older than the required version, please upgrade or downgrade to the required version before proceeding

(Unless there is a way to downgrade without a PC connection ?)

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I can not follow this representation!
My practical experience with the Poco F1 is different, namely as follows:

The POCO F1 (beryllium) works with the Xiaomi firmware MIUI 12 on Android 10 basis, as well as the authoritative bootloader image and modem, etc..

The Poco F1 will run any custom ROM based on Android 10, 11, 12 and 13, and can be ‘downgraded’ from a custom ROM like awakeOS A13 or crDroid 9.4 (Android 13) or LineageOS 20 (Android 13) to /e/OS ‘S’ (Android 12) or even to /e/OS ‘R’ (Android 11) or /e/OS ‘Q’ (Android 10) at any time without any restrictions.

However, I strongly recommend completely wiping the Poco F1 and doing a Clean Install before flashing.

It is also recommended to avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup (or any other backup/restore app), as this can lead to stability issues that are very difficult to fix if not.

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