Can I install APK directly on FP4? How?

I’ve seen lots of discussion of whether you can transfer paid-for Apps without activating Google account. General answer seems probably no.

But this developer of an App I’ve long used is offering a way to purchase APK outside of Google “license will be tied to an email account which must be present/added to the phone (phone Settings → Accounts). This can be any email…” so presumably could link to Murena email and account:

I’d then get the APK; but can I install/how can I install an APK directly? I gather it’s not so easy on Android 11 which /e/ now based on…

Thank you.

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You’ll probably download the APK via a browser (e.g. Vivaldi browser) and just have to give that browser (temporarily) the permission to install unknown apps (i.e. the APK). This setting can be found in the advanced app setting (of that browser).
(just don’t know if the license check mentioned above will work…)

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Yes. I had a go, and it all worked :sweat_smile: - thanks for the reply.

I can report the installation process did open up the accounts page and invite me to choose which account I was linking the App to - exactly as developer described in original link. So developer is certainly trying to link to an account on the device.

Which I don’t mind - am happy to see good paid Apps available outside of Google Play.

Marking as solved.