Can I install /e/ Browser on a Google Android phone?

I really like the /e/ Browser. I’d like to install it on a legacy Google Android phone that I have to keep for a certain uses. Is this possible?

Can I get the .apk somewhere to install it on a Google phone? I’ve done some searches but nothing has turned up as of yet.


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Think about Bromite. That’s the same but more modern.


You can’t install /e/Browser but as irrlicht said it is a fork of Chromium, built from Bromite patch-sets, with specific /e/OS settings.
You can have some more information about browser in general here:

However you can install BlissLauncher (the /e/ launcher) on a “legacy Google phone” from Fdroid, but I think this is not the lastest version of BlissLauncher

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A long time ago I installed the /e/ browser on other ROMs (Nougat/Oreo days). Version 79 was still on one of them. So yes, it can be installed (or at least it could). How well it runs is another matter.

On a side note: Also back then I had a couple of icon pack devs make an icon for it.
After a really long procrastination period I finally got around to installing the other default apps onto a ROM that has Play Store so I could do icon requests. They all installed except for Calendar (the only one that /e/ has under /product/ instead of /system/).

Did not try to actually run any of them, just needed them installed. Accidently launched Notes once and it crashed. :smirk:

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Thanks for all the input. I checke out Bromite and it’ll likely become my primary on my other devices.

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