Can I Install /e/ Directly Over Lineage?

Hi all,

I switched to LineageOS recently, but interested in trying out other privacy-focused ROMs like /e/, and wondering: Do I need to reset to stock android before installing /e/ or can I do so on top of Lineage?


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

In my experience that should work well especially if you have the same Android version, eg. LOS-18.1 and /e/OS-R for Android 11

Well always make a backup, but sideload via adb or install via TWRP should work without wipe and format. Only cache should be wiped

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What are your device and LOS version ?

Android 11, LineageOS 18.1

Excuse me it was bad formulated, I mean :
device name or device codename
build name with version number (security patch level date related possible conflict as /e/ is about one or two month later)

Android 11, LineageOs version: 18.1-20230714-NIGHTLY-a5y17lte

There are no problems in regard of Samsung Firmware witch is outdated on this device, but :
include security patch from 2023.07.05
also include security patch from 2023.07.05

I have not experienced with this device, and don’t think it is concerned, but on some recent devices you must install something newer, that’s why i asked you about the device
If you encountred some impossibility, during installation from the recovery (as it is the case on the s9 series i think), wait for a week or two, and retry the installation using the e-1.15-r build

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