Can I "just" ADB sideload an /e/OS update on OnePlus 9?

Since I messed up my build.prop, the /e/-updater doesn’t work (gives an unidentified error after downloading).

I tried to duplicate this error and also did the same with a build.prop on a Xiaomi Mi A2 lite running Lineage OS Android 13 (version March, I knew there was an update). After messing with the build.prop the updater was broken (same behavior). I was just curious.

On the Mi A2 Lite I then ADB sideloaded the update and that worked, without problem.

Now: since the OnePlus 9 is an A/B-device, can I “just” sideload an /e/ update as well (from A12 1.15 dev to A A12 1.17 dev) without risking errors or bootloops? It’s my daily driver and I just can’t risk to mess it up.

PS: rooted with Magisk.