Can I migrate from LineageOS to /e/OS?

I have a SONY XZ2 with LineageOD 18.1
Is it possible to install any /e/OS package?
Or will it smash my phone?

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Yes surely. Welcome to this forum

Related android security patch have to be newer in /e/
If so, try a dirdy flash (from recovery without wiping anithing), if not working, format data before install /e/

If your LOS build is too recent, (regarding security patch date), try to install /e/, but you may have to start from scratch : restore Sony firmware first, then reinstall recovery, and /e/

[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

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The most recent /e/OS build for this device is Android S which is equivalent to LOS 19.1. To install that over your current LOS 18.1 system you will almost certainly need to format the data partitions (and therefore lose your user-installed apps and data. And it is possible that when you have installed /e/OS S, you may face the same problem when /e/ release their Android T build (probably in the next few weeks).

LineageOS and LineageOS4microg (L4m) have a better record in providing upgrades which don’t lose apps and data. The only available ‘plain’ LineageOS builds are LOS 20 / Android T, but L4M (L4m) still have 18.1 and 19.1 builds available (though the 18.1 build is quite old, and may disappear any time). So my advice would be to upgrade your LineageOS to L4M 19.1 or 20.0, then try ‘dirty flashing’ the equivalent /e/OS build. I think that gives you the best chance of getting to the latest /e/OS without losing your data.

Personally, I would upgrade to L4M 20.0, and wait for /e/OS T to arrive before moving from L4M to /e/OS. But if you can’t wait for that, then upgrade to L4M 19.1 and dirty flash the /e/OS S build. Either way, as @piero says, you may have to wait for whichever /e/OS version you choose to 'catch up` with the L4M build you install in terms of security patches.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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