Can i not encrypt the Redmi Note 7 pro


can i not encrypt the Redmi Note 7 pro?
It is shown in the settings that the mobile is encrypted, but I don’t have to enter a PIN after starting the Redmi Note 7 pro, it goes up to the “login screen”. Only there I enter the PIN, on the Pocophone I have to enter a PIN right after the start and on the login screen.

There is no SIM card inserted yet, but that shouldn’t make any difference?

The first 0.9 Version is installed

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If there is no SIM card, the device don’t ask for PIN code

I mean the PIN entry directly after starting my mobile.

It’s on the Pocophone, which is encrypted.

According to the settings, the Redmi Note 7pro is also encrypted, but I didn’t do that and there is no query like on the photo, it goes straight to the “login screen”.

Go to ‘Settings’ / ‘Security’ / 'LogIn Screen’and setup an PW or Pattern

Set your screen security to None (no password, no PIN, no scheme). Then set a PIN. You will be asked if you want to be asked for a PIN to boot the system.

And yes even if no password is needed, your phone is encrypted.

I have had the same mi5s and the settings shown ‘encrypted’ but twrp has not ask fir pw and I have had full access to /data