Can I rely on the results at Exodus Privacy?

Today I read an article about the app the Chinese government is mandating that all 2022 Olympic athletes use in Beijing: .

According to the article, the app is tracking lots of things happening on the devices. So, I thought, I’m curious about what Exodus Privacy says about this app, so I found the results here: . I was shocked to see that Exodus Privacy says that there are no trackers with this app.

My first thought is, I’m misunderstanding something, I’m not properly interpreting the results from Exodus Privacy.

How do I reconcile what Exodus Privacy tells me about trackers on this app versus what the article is reporting?

Technically, Exodus can be correct in saying there are no trackers detectable in the app, even if there are serious vulnerabilities in its code that could enable sensitive data gathering at some point.

See the original analysis and reporting by Citizen Lab, and pay attention to the summary findings up top:

Additionally, according to reporting, the app collects a lot of sensitive data (self-reported by the user), which is likely loaded onto servers at the parent company, just as part of the app functionality, with no trackers required.

Also see What is a Tracker?

[And I should clarify that I have no technical expertise in this area.]


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