Can I set camera to auto shut off?


I keep forgetting to turn off my camera and end up running the battery down. Is there anyway to set the camera to turn off after a few minutes after taking a photo or video?


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ran into this too not long ago… I can’t find a backlog issue on this. There’s one old thread on it in OpenCameras list with your search terms. Checking if upstream has it fixed or if there is an option for it is best before creating a backlog issue on this, but anyway, good if it is acknowledged.

I guess if its not fixed in 6 years, its not going to be.

no no, I just wanted to give a hint how to search further: “battery” yields better results to at least have a workaround:

… try disabling either/both of the following:
Settings/More camera controls/“Show camera when locked”.
Settings/On screen GUI/“Keep display on”.

Tried, disabling “Show camera when off”, but already off. Couldn’t find Settings/On screenGUI/“Keep display on”

Ended up downloading

Solves the problem