Can I suppress app updates in Apps?

I installed K-9 from F-Droid because this version is the only one which supports Push messages correctly. F-Droid has currently version 5.718 (Sep 13 2020).

Since I did this I get every day an update notification from Apps. In Apps K-9 has also version 5.718 (Sep 15 2020), but this one looks different and doesn’t support Push messages at all. So I don’t want to update. (BTW: the update fails, it never ends correctly, you must close Apps to stop it)


  1. Why does Apps urge me every day to update this app?
  2. Can I suppress this once for all?
  3. Wouldn’t it be much better to let the concrete app store who installed an app also execute the updates for this app?

BTW: “Apps” is indeed a rather stupid name for an app store. I have apps and I have Apps. Some apps are not from Apps but Apps has much more apps than I have … bahh … (and “Files” is also not a good name)


You can change the frequency of update checking in the settings. You’ll find the settings “button” at the bottom right corner in the Apps application.

You can also stop automatic updates there too.

I don’t recall if I managed to ignore updates for specific F-Droid apps from the Apps application. But weekly or monthly checking plus not automatically updating should stop your daily K-9 hassle.