Can i use a different calendar and sync it with murena cloud?


i have some problems with the pre installed calendar, this etar fork. the main issue for me is that i cannot find how to colour different events differently. they are all blue. and if i read the murena HOW To’S, it doesn’t help at all. because what they describe what should be the general settings doesn’t appear in the general settings on my phones calendar.

so now i would like to use the simple calendar and sync it with my murena cloud. but how can i do that?

i actually thought about installing nextcloud but the app lounge says they do have google tracking. even though it is open source.

thanks for any help

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The /e/ Account Manager syncs the Calendar data from your Murena account and it is stored by the Calendar Storage system app. Any Calendar app should be able to view the data.

In SImple Calendar, choose Settings from the ‘three dots’ menu and scroll down to the section labelled CalDAV, and tick the checkbox.

This should open a window allowing you to to choose which of your Murena account Calendars to sync.

The colours for each calendar are set on the Murena server not on the phone. To change them you need to login to, and edit the properties of each Calendar there.
Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your response and help!!

On the murena calendar website i could only change colors for each
calendar. what i’m looking for is different colours for different types
of event (work, friends, medical appointments…)

i will try simple calendar then.

Ah, sorry. I don’t know of any way of doing that, on mobile or on the web