Can Morena OS install and run cab-ordering apps

Hi there, I am thinking of getting a Morena degoogled phone, but wonder is it possible to order cabs from them, for example freenow and Uber apps and other cab apps? I’ve also used graphene OS but find it cannot order cabs, which can be painful. Can Morena apps order cabs like freenow and Uber and other cab services via apps? Thanks!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Currently my wife has a FP3+ with /e/OS version 1.15-s and uses Uber all the time. With my FP4 and same version I use cab ordering apps in Brazil like 99 and Maxim without any issue.

And btw the OS is called /e/OS and MUrena (with a U) is the associated brand selling phones.

Cool, thanks, will have to check that out

FP3+ is that a fairphone?

FP3+ is the device name of Fairphone 3+.
FP4 is the Fairphone 4.

Now Murena starts to sell the brand new Fairphone 5 too.

Can the fairphone and the Moreno os take pictures of the screen and save to camera roll? Small detail but used a lot

Still not spelling Murena correctly…

Are you referring to syncing your screenshots to a cloud?

I have screenshots from long press Power button. Long press screenshot button for partial screenshot.

No just a photo of what’s on the screen when you take a screenshot, so you have a photo of whatever was on the screen at time of screenshot

Then yes, it’s totally doable with /e/OS :slightly_smiling_face:

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