Can not enable emergency alerts - Samsung S9 /e/OS 2.0

Samsung S9+, OS 2.0-t-20240514401453-dev-star2lte

Yesterday there was a test of the Emergency Alert here in New Zealand. I did not receive it.
Looking at the Alert settings, the “Emergency Alerts” toggle switch is OFF, and I can not turn it on. Other kinds of alerts can be turned on and off.

Do you have any idea how to enable the Emergency alert, or why it is permanently disabled?

On my Pixel 4a with 2.0-dev-t I don’t have this additional ‘option’, also Extreme and Severe is not present…

Menu item “Emergency alert history” comes back empty?

(I think your greyed out option means it can’t be disabled if alerts are enabled, not that it is disabled).

There was a thread on emergency alerts with 2 S9 users that had malformed reports, but not wholly missing. New Zealand seems to use SMS-CB as everyone else.

Thanks, yes I see it is permanently enabled - I interpreted the greyed out presentation as “disabled”.

In any case, I did not receive any alert during the recent test.

it’s possible the particular mobile tower a user was connected to at time of the alert didn’t provide the broadcast or the device wasn’t registered with a tower at the time.

There are 1-2 “dry-run” ways to test the device functionality: