Can not send email anymore using web client or ios client

Hi everyone,
Since a few days I can not send emails from web mail client or iOS client…
I can access my emails though…
Any ideas ?

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What is the web mail client? And what is the iOS client?

Hi @irrlicht
The web mail client is the website (ie and the iOS client is the iOS default app (called Mail) both where working a week ago …

Ah, you speak about the and it’s web interface.

My web client does send, checked this. Another (none-web) mail client does also send over the SMTP server.

@irrlicht thanks for your answers…
the web client should be “user configuration” agnostic so it should work for me to …
I really don’t know what happend (-__-)

You should get an error message, explaining why ?

I’m quite sure can be of help with that :wink:

Hi @smu44
Unfortunately there is no “explaining” error message only a red dressed “Not able to send message” tooltip…
I’m gonna contact , thanks for the tip !

How did you go with this? I have contacted the helpdesk earlier in the week and had no response.

I have two murena accounts. One, sends the other does not. I have had the issue for about a month.

I get this message every time:


But got this arguably more informative message when trying to accept an invite from my phone:


Hey !
Sorry for the time it took me to answer.
I just had to wait that someone from helpdesk answers… that took quite a long time. i suppose this is a small team :wink:

Anyway after getting in touch with the support the problem was quickly resolved.


Thanks mate. They did get back to me yesterday. However they suggested i had probably sent too many emails (but this is my secondary email account that I’ve only had for six months so have not sent many).

They also did something to fix that issue but it hasn’t worked anyway. Oh well. I’ll continue the conversation with them.

But if your issue was not related to sending lots of emails, would be interested in hearing.

Thanks again.

Indeed the problem was related to the number of sent emails…

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