Can not write to sd card under Android 10

With the implementation Android 10 along SAF and scoped storage, I found out it’s impossible to write to the external SD card. It is impossible to even create a simple .txt file in the external SD card without any other solution than to plug the phone to my PC to do so.
Does /e/os has found a solution that major problem?
Since I can no longer return my FP3+, for now I will put the Fairphone and /e/os in a drawer and go back to my LG with Android 9 that works perfectly well along its external 500Gb SD card.

What’s your use case?

I’ve tested copying a file from the Documents folder in the internal storage to the Documents folder on my SD card and that worked as expected.

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Thanks Ingo,
The problem was a very silly one, the write access doesn’t show any box to click and give access, one has to tap anywhere below and above the commands (triangle, circle, square). It is silly indeed but there is no indication on where to tap in the file manager (please see picture enclosed).
Furthermore some apps that were not functioning properly yesterday are now doing so, strange???
Anyways thanks for looking into it and giving me enough doubt that I was on the wrong way.
Now /e/os looks very appealing as a great os, cheers.
Paul-Antoine, Toronto

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