Can Signal and Telegram be removed or disabled?

I will not allow my contacts to be ripped. So before I install eelo to my Oneplus 5 I want to to know if I can get rid of theese and replace them by apps of my choice.


Signal and Telegram are currently system-apps, which means that they can not be uninstalled (in an easy way).
If I remember correctly I had to manually enable access to the address book, so by default apps have no access to your contacts.
Since Signal is the SMS-app, it is necessary to give Signal access to phone-numbers, in order to be able to send and receive SMS.

Thank you Markus for your answer! There was a time when CM had Signal integrated. I then used “/system/app mover” from F-Droid to take away its system status and then deleted it with no adverse effect. But at the time it was not in such a central position as the systems SMS app.

LineageOS allows the builtin SMS/MMS app to be deactivated. But as /e/ has altered LineagOS in regard oft the SMS app, I wanted to know, if the option to deactivate it is still there.

As to Telegram, I would not use it and I distrust it and therefore do not want to have it on my phone.

In Settings->Apps you can “Disable” Signal and Telegram, but not totally install them since they are system apps. You can install an alternate SMS app like Silence.

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Hi all,
I think that less is more. For example, in linux I can choose what to install. I would like to find this freedom in /e/. This would also help users to see more clearly the difference between /e/ and other smartphones (no bloatware neither users useless apps). I think that it’s the user who should be put at the center, not the ROM that instead should be available to the user. I also think it’s a matter of respect. Each of us is able to think and decide the best for ourselves.
And I think neither Signal nor Telegram are apps that characterize a ROM: nobody will say “Hey, do you know /e/? it has Telegram and Signal!!!”. This does not distinguish /e/ from another ROM. Instead, the privacy of the data distinguishes it, and this is very powerful and innovative…IMHO.
You could “accompany” the ROM with safer and more respectful app advice. And this, in my opinion, would be more appreciated than apps imposed from above. I think /e/ it’s a bottom up project and I hope it doesn’t become top down like any other existing smartphone (or almost).

Thank you all,

The devs have said: “offering the capability to users to uninstall default apps is in our development roadmap”. So you can expect this functionality to be available at one point in the future.

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Just uninstalled some default app’s, maybe this is the wrong way to do it:
In a terminal of a rooted FP2 with addonsu installed:
$ su

`# cd /

`# mount -o remount,rw /system

`# cd /system/app

`# rm -rf QKSMS

`# rm -rf Telegram

`# rm -rf Signal

That seemed to work, but the icons remained and after reboot BlissLauncher keeps crashing (no icons at all an a flashing screen), even after reinstalling the apps from back-up in recovery. How to do this right? Is there a manual somewhere about removing default app’s in Android?