Can`t update apps


I have problems updating apps. It won`t start at all or - after installing, offers them to update again. This is with Auora same like with the official app store. Currently, the integrated pdf viewer, microG, Wikipedia and FairEmail have those problems. Does anyone know what could that be? Thanks.

microg and pdfviewer are system packages , so you cannot update them, even if Aurora store tells that are upgradeable;

for Fair email and wikipedia, try to clear the storage of Aurora and Apps store, sometimes works.

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That applies to microG and other system apps.

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Ah ok. Thanks for that info. How do I clear the app cache or blacklist those apps to prevent from being updated?

On android, to clear the storage/cache of an app, you have to go Settings, Apps, find the interested app, tap on Storage and Clear Data (the path is slightly different on every android release);

to blacklist an app in Aurora Store, you have to go the menu that appear when you tap on the 3lines on the upper-left corner, and select Blacklist


Thanks found it. Just for the to be updated apps, it still won’t work at all or takes ages to complete. This time, some new apps show those problems. Blokada foe instance.
Cache is cleared.

Ah, ok. I found it, thanks.
Regarding the updating of apps, it still won’t work. It Either takes
hours to complete, or it doesn’t start at all. Like before, now with
cleared cache.
Just now, there are new apps. I could update Fair Email (took very, very
long), Blokada remains unupdated.

I don’t know what suggest you more.
Wait few days, maybe someone from community had the same issue, but if no one ‘appear’, reinstall all, like the first time. :pensive:

I found the brake. The Blokada app, if it is inactive, the app update &
installing works fine.
If it’s active, it’s like a full brake. That is no good.

I have beed reccomended Blokada by the e team.