Can we check device compatibility

Device compatibility check for Samsung galaxy A 20s

It would be nice to see in the upcoming list of device compatibility if you can add nothing phone 1, honor 8x, and Samsung galaxy A 20s to them.

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Usually if Lineage OS has it, /e/ then also.

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I don’t see any of those models listed even on this wiki link.

And so in this way the requested device compatibility check fails, at least for the time being. /e/OS is based on LineageOS.

I cannot comprehend what you are trying to say.
Should I switch to lineageOs instead waiting for eOs.
Or could you elaborate?

Sorry for not being clear.

/e/OS is based on LineageOS.
LineageOS is currently not available for your requested devices.
So /e/OS is currently not available for your requested devices.

By default, first LineageOS would have to be available for a device for /e/OS developers to consider adding the device. Exceptions are possible under certain circumstances (e.g. official partnership between e foundation and Fairphone).

Thanks for the briefing now I can understand.