Cannot access account

I got the email for the test account and followed the instructions to make a password etc. However I’m not able to login to the account or even get a password reset. It tells me I’m already in the system when I try to create the account again but doesn’t seem to recognize my email when I request a password reset.


I had the same problem at the beginning but because of a writing error.
I was trying to access my account with an address in the format xxxx@e.mail then while the format is

Tried it your correction but still nothing I’m afraid.

Hi @Azure96 please can you send a mail with the details about your id and what combinations you are trying to

With the current implementation we have issues with some passwords, which has been fixed and will be deployed in the new implementation of drive/email/… services
At the moment you can try to use a simpler password. In particular Postfix kind of assumes that you are using ASCII chars only, so avoid accents etc.
If you need a reset, please ask us by email

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Gents, thanks for the help. Will do.