Cannot Activate Sensor Off Tile


I would like to be able to show the Sensor On/Off tile on my phone, following instructions in this video:

However, I could not find the option. Why is that? How can I activate it?

Thank you.

Hello, what phone are you using and what version is it?

I have a FP3 running Q and I’ve got the setting available, I followed the instructions given in the video.


Using SM-A510F (2016) with v 9

Is that android 10 or 11?

I suspect it may not be modern enough to have that tile available.

Android 9. I have no clue. That’s what I downloaded from the /e/ website. Is that not the latest version?

It depends on the device, looking at the documentation it looks like the device is on Android Pie (9), where that tile requires Android Q (10).

Unless your device gets an update to Q, it doesn’t look like it’s possible to get that tile.

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Availlable only from Android 10 onwards. I believe Rob mentions it in the video.

Right. I was not aware I had 9. I was assuming I would get the latest version of Android since I installed /e/ 3 days ago :\

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