Cannot add hotmail into email app

So I successfully added my email account, but now when I try adding my address I don’t understand what to do. I tap add account, type my email address and then I get a selection of various account types, but none of them is Outlook or Microsoft. So I suppose it’s because this is of a type Exchange which is not supported by /e/ email app?

After adding your email-address and password, you can click on the button on the lower left to set up your account manually. It only gets active if you enter the mail address and pw first. Then you have to decide whether you want to set up POP3 or IMAP (f.e. if you want to check your mails from different devices, you would prefer IMAP) account.
Then you can enter the SMTP and POP/IMAP settings for this provider.

Important: POP access to (which seems to be the successor of hotmail) is disabled by default. If you want to use POP, please follow the steps described in the following Microsoft-Link:

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On which /e/ version are you ?

I have the same issue on a Fairphone 3+ with v0.23 but the problem was solve when I update with the v1.1.

The thing is that I cannot type password, because the password field disappears once I write me email address and there is no button on lower left to do any manual setup. Or actually there is but it is not active and it disappears once I write my email.
It is fresh /e/ 0.23-20220406176461

@McVitas Can you post an (anonymised) Screenshot of this kind of /e/ email app you are using or tell the exact app name? I thought you meant the official /e/ mail app (which is a fork of the well known K9 mail).

Galaxy S8 / S8+?

That was my problem. With the v1.1 it disappeared. Can you upgrade the version ?

Well, why do I have such an old version?? I have downloaded what was for my Galaxy S8 phone. Is it normal to have old /e/ ROM for an old phone and I can’t upgrade? System update in settings doesn’t find anything new.
Mail app is 5.912

You might also need to tell what Android version you have in order to answer that.

for Galaxy S8 there is /e/ ROM based on Android 9 Pie and that’s what I have. I wonder could I build it myself with newer version?

It seems you dont have OTA update… Can you check in system update ? If you dont have it you’ll need do to the update manually :pensive:

Don’t have OTA? Update app is checking and just doesn’t find anything.

That’s what I’ve fear, maybe i’m wrong but i think that you will have to make te update manually.

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well this is the second time you mention manual update, so will you be specific finally? I have no idea how to do it and if it’s even possible. If you know then point me to some guide please!

Sorry I’m not the best person for explain this. I’m only use once the easy installer for my samsung S9.

You can try this for S8.

If you will need some help, please try to search topic for your device and how to install and flash the new version.

The easy installer is the simplest way i’I think. But I’m not sure it’s work when you already have /e/os.