Cannot add tiles to the Quick Settings Panel from lower sections

When trying to customize the Quick Setting Panel by adding tiles (or toggles) to the active section, one can only add tiles from the upper positions of the disabled section, but it is NOT possible to move tiles that are located way below in the disabled section.

Issue reproduction:

Let’s say we want to add the tile “Selfie” of OpenCamera, which is located far below in the disabled tiles section of the panel.

  1. From the top of the home screen, swipe down twice (with one finger) to see the Quick Settings Panel with few tiles (8 or 9) (like Wifi, Data, Bluetooth, …)

  2. Tap on the “pencil” icon on the top, to edit the Quick Settings Panel. Two sections of the panel are displayed. The one on the top is the active tiles section, the one on the bottom is the disabled tiles section.

  3. Scroll down, until you see the “Selfie” tile. Tap and hold on it then grab it to the top, to the active section.

There (step 3) you can notice the bug. The grabbed tile disappears all of a sudden, it can’t reach the top section, to become active. It stays at the bottom in its original place. This doesn’t happen if you choose to add some tiles at higher positions of the disabled section, near the active section (like “Hotspot” or “Invert colors” for instance)

Devices and versions:

So far, I tested this issue on two devices: kenzo and mido (XiaoMi RedMi note 3 & note 4) both running e/OS/ 0.7 (with July and August updates installed).


A tedious way to add your desired tile (if it happens to be in the bottom area of the disabled tiles section of the panel) is as follow

  1. First, grab all the tiles above it and make them active, one by one, until your desired tile also goes up in the disabled section of the panel.

  2. Then, you can grab that tile you want and make it active as well without issues.

  3. Finally, put back the unwanted tiles in the disabled section of the panel to disable them again. leaving your desired tile usable on the active section of the panel.


The GIF bellow shows a visual of the bug.

First I unsuccessfully tried to add two of the tiles at the bottom. Then showed that it works normally for tiles in higher positions. Finally another unsuccessful trial to bring one tile from the bottom of the section.

I didn’t experience this bug when I was on LOS14.

An issue (#69) on gitlab is open regarding this