Cannot connect to mobile network on S8 (SM-G950F)

Hi, all.

New to the community. I’ve tried getting a new SIM to work with my fresh /e/ installation, to no avail.

Reading other posts, in an attempt to make sense of all the varied problems and their solution, I can say I’m lost after trying many of them, like:

  1. Rebooting
  2. Factory reset
  3. Airplane mode on/off

I appreaciate your help!

UPDATE: This SIM works on my S21 with stock Android 10, and my S21 (second) SIM works on my S8. Both SIMs are from different carriers, but my S21 can handle both correctly.

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check your APN…

Hi, @piero , thanks.

If I understand correctly, APN configuration should follow after I get on my carrier’s cellular network to use mobile data, correct?

Current status is “Emergency calls only”.

Tried APN configuration last night, though, so it’s not doing it in this case.


Does your s8 have a good CSC for your area ?

The other way around. The APN settings enable your SIM to connect to the carrier, which then enables you to get mobile data.

Usually the APN will set automatically based on the SIM, but sometimes it doesn’t, in which case you will need to manually enter the settings for your carrier. (Probably available on their website support page, and surely by contacting them to get them.)

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Yes. Fortunately, I have the other Samsung to test.

@Taurus , thanks for the response.

Trying again, I realize APNs are no being added after hitting “Save”.

Also, not sure if it’s supposed to happen, but I have a switch defaulting to “Automatically select network” every time I try to turn it off.

Any ideas?

Here’s how it should work:

  1. Make sure the SIM is in the phone;
  2. Add the APN entries (if they’re not there already);
  3. Select Save from the three-dot menu at top right before leaving the screen;
  4. EDIT: Select the radial button next to your APN on the next screen;
  5. You may need to restart the phone.

Since you know the SIM works in another phone, it may be helpful to first put your SIM in that phone, go to the APN, take screenshots, then return the SIM to the problematic phone and enter the APN settings to exactly match your screenshots from the other phone.

This is normal. You want it to automatically select your saved network.

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OK, so I followed these steps, indeed had some differences to what the carrier posted online, but still can’t save the APN.

As soon as I hit “Save”, I’m back to the APN screen with only “Emergency” listed as an existing APN.

Maybe I should try to create a file manually…?

Do you by any chance have a SIM from a different carrier handy, even an expired one? If so, try it and compare the phone’s behavior.

Another question: Do you have 4G or LTE selected as preferred network? I ask because if you have 3G selected, but no 3G network exists in your region, that would be a problem.

On the other hand, sometimes selecting 2G or 3G instead of 4G/LTE might actually help. Go figure… :man_shrugging:

Yes, I have tested with a different carrier (original carrier of the phone) and it works OK. Even an expired one sends me a welcome SMS.

I do have LTE as preferred network and have tested 3G and 2G, but nothing changes.

Could something be missing having switched carriers?

I doubt so, the SIMs from both carriers work on my S21 normally.

With the SIM in, do you see anything odd relating to the network settings when you dial *#*#INFO#*#* and look under Phone Information? Or under IMS Service Status (under the 3-dot menu)?

You might also tap “Trigger Carrier Provisioning” at the bottom of the screen to see if that helps.

I can see my IMEI on Phone Information, but everything else is Unknown or Disconnected, and zeroed (except for Signal Strength).

IMS Status shows IMS Registration is Not Registered and everything else unavailable.

Trigger Carrier Provisioning is doing nothing.

Thanks, @Taurus

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I guess it’s time to call your carrier and/or contact /e/ Support. Sorry none of that worked for you.

I think next attempt at a workaround should be getting a SIM from the carrier that works, if my current one can’t help.

I appreciate your time and effort, @Taurus

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Hey, @Taurus

I called my previous carrier and they had locked a set of S8s to their network, mine being one of them.

I have an unlock code but I’m not prompted anywhere for an input. Looking online, I see there are some codes to try on the phone but not one of them seems to be doing anything.

Am I getting closer to a solution? Getting a new SIM from my previous carrier is getting more tempting every time…

I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of a carrier locking a device to their network that was (apparently?) bought non-carrier-locked and then activated, much less one that was able to install a custom ROM (which means the bootloader is unlocked).

I would just ask their customer support for help with the unlock code, or go ahead and port back to them if you like their service and plans. (And is it possible that the unlock codes don’t work on custom ROMs? I don’t know.)

This phone I got after finishing a 2 year contract with my previous carrier. Once it’s mine and I’m out of the contract, I install /e/, not knowing the phone was network locked, and bought a prepaid SIM from another carrier, which is the one I’m not being able to use on my S8.

I did as you correctly suggested and called my previous carrier and they gave me an unlocking code for my phone to be used with the new carrier, but I’m not being prompted anywhere to use it.

Sorry if I didn’t clearly explain the situation and got you a little confused.

Well, I suppose this would be the normal way: How to enter the unlock code provided by your phone carrier to unlock your Galaxy phone | Samsung Canada

But if the message doesn’t pop up, that’s maybe where the carrier can assist you.

Perhaps, Samsung stock android system is needed for entering the dialer-codes-services *#1234#*

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