Cannot delete address book

Just now I created an address book in my ecloud by mistake. I wanted to delete it but can’t, returning error:

And here is the error log from the F12 console:
main.js?v=7a75db69-22:750 The escapeHTML library is deprecated! It will be removed in nextcloud 19.
main.js?v=7a75db69-22:875 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined
at Object._build (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:875)
at Object.init (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:875)
at e.fn.init.a.a.fn.octemplate (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:895)
at Object. (merged-template-prep…s?v=7a75db69-22:471)
at Object. (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:39)
at u (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:39)
at Object.add [as done] (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:39)
at Array. (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:39)
at Function.each (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:28)
at Object. (main.js?v=7a75db69-22:39) “data:” undefined

​I think it is probably on the Nextcloud side, but idk if it might be on the ecloud side.