Cannot download/install anything from the App Lounge

Running the lastest OS Murena One 1.9-20230310268291 and the issue is whenever I attempt to download and install ANY program the RETRY window comes up after the “download”. I have rebooted the system twice and even checked for updated OS. I have google play turned off.

Any suggestions? Everything else appears to function normally.

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I’ve noticed with the App Lounge I need to let the home page load completely when I open the the app or sometimes App Lounge doesn’t run as smoothly. Also, going to settings>apps>app lounge and clearing the cache/storage and that seems to help a lot of people when App Lounge isn’t running properly.

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Thanks Dave1
I did as you stated. cleared the cache/settings and still had the issue. I then thought of going into Advanced Privacy and set the Trackers, Location, and Real IP Address turning them to the OFF position thereby exposing myself to trackers, real location, and real IP Address.

The result?

I then was able to download/install/open the apps.

I then turned the three device protections back on. Why this occurs I have no idea but perhaps the engineers can look at that or provide the answer here for others.

Dave1, thanks for your reply.


I regard Advanced Privacy ( ← clues within the link) as really Advanced Privacy … App Lounge (in my experience) needs a really clear line.

See also (for more reading) Advanced Privacy - know all about it

… but also there was service interuption today: