Cannot install driver

Hi, I am trying to install /e/ on my fairphone 4. I am following the recipe here:
second solution, by downloading the driver. I try to upload and install the driver, I get this error message, unfortunately in Dutch:

it says: your android cannot be installed, no drivers can be found. Could it be that the fp4 driver is not part of the zip I downloaded? Solution 1 does not work for my, since some options are blocked on my computer. Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

Hi @Johannis welcome to the /e/ forum.

When I have searched online previously, where users report issues of Windows drivers not installing even though the user seems to have followed instructions / method correctly, I have found mention of just this issue:

… are you able to tell how or why they are blocked ?

Just as a “generally speaking” example, say a Windows machine is set up not to allow “some_other_OS” to access by USB, then this would cause greying out of options you need.

from the support topic link

Unfortunately, Fairphone does not provide an official “fastboot interface driver”.

… but as I understand it the driver on offer from this link might aim to provide “Android Composite ADB Interface”.

As I understand it, this represents a necessary add on to a “short” (that is inadequate for fastboot) Android driver already present on the machine. A correct “short” Android driver, if installed, should result in the possibility to connect the device in normal booted mode and no " :warning: Problem device" would be seen.

Also, being Windows, no need to say this really, but restarting the machine between apparently unsuccessful attempts is probably a good thing ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, reason for being blocked: it is a company laptop, but I don’t think this is the issue. With another laptop I have the same issue when I try the downloaded driver.
so you suggest that for FP this driver is just not availalbe? How should I then proceed to install /e/?

Are you able to get to this point ?

no, if I just plugin my phone in normal boot, the device manager does not see is. If in fastboot mode, the problem device message is there.

I cannot be sure, as I cannot see what you can see, but it sounds as if you are experiencing something similar to what I suggested earlier; that in some way the laptop is simply not configured to allow this sort of activity at the moment.

I now managed using again another computer, now solution 1 with windows update worked. Thanks for your help!

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