Cannot install Skype Lite


Skype is super heavy, when I was under google android, I had Skype lite.

Today I want to install it on my eOs phone but it’s impossible. Whether I’m anonymous log in or not.

I’ve found that Skype lite is stills available on Google play store. You can see the error message I’m facing when I click on the link which opens Applounge


could you try to install through an indian VPN exit? it’s tailored to that market so it’s not impossible for it to be geofenced

I’ve tried with a VPN and I’m facing the same issue.

Hi @Julien I have been using Skype Lite for a while - but it was some time back.
It seems the app is not actively developed anymore (last update dates back to 2021) and is seems to be available only in some regional instances of Play Store (I think it was India). Probably this is the reason why it cannot be accessed from App Lounge.

What about a PWA?