Cannot login into

Hi, I just created my account and tried to login into but I get ‘Authentication failed’. I put my full email in the email field and I think that I clearly remember my password that I set just a minute before when registering.

I also tried resetting password from but I got a message that password reset email can’t be sent because user has no e-mail.

@sava how you created email ?

@saqlain by sending an email with subjct ‘test account’ to
and then activating the account by clicking the link in the email I received.

@sava Please can you try again? If you are facing the same issues please share details of your browser and provide any additional details if available. For e.g. are you using the same upper cap or lower cap letters as you used when registering for the ID.

@sava ids are case sensitive and try to login with

Hi everybody!
I’m quite new in this world (OS, privacy facts, …) and recently I’ve asked for a test account, but…I’ve not been there for some days and then, well… I’ve forgot the password…. my fault, sorry….
Could you send me a new one, please??

(not exactly the same topic, but I hope near enough to write here!)


Currently there is no automated way for resetting the password. See here for a feature request about that issue:
So this can only be done by a staff member.

Yep Markus, I tried to contact the team some time ago, but they didn’t answer… I tried with, maybe I should use another one?

@Giacomo do you have a telegram ID on which I can PM you to help with the password reset.

Hi @Manoj,I think so, it should be Gioacchino C, or do you need the associated phone number ? Aren’t here any PM?

Pl can you PM me on telegram @ManojNairOnline getting multiple names in the list

Please send a mail on with your /e/ email details. You should get a reset password.

I just sent you a note as well. I’m grateful to be given the chance to join.