Cannot purchase or create an ecloud account

The form request my normal email twice then dies with this message.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 10.44.59 am

I want to purchase a phone. Why do I need a separate login from here?



Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Reading the code, it is pretty scary seeing its run off wordpress. I banned PHP at my enterprise haha. but I get needing something quick to run.

Hi @elliotrock on which page of the website are you getting an error. You can find details to create a new /e/ account here

entered my gmail account and entered the alphanumerical code and that above message displayed.


I just tried and got a success message and this screen

Pl try from another browser or system. May be an issue with the settings on the browser.

sessions token issue perhaps?

Worked but once at check out the username and password don’t work.

The problem is you have a variation of different logins, usernames, emails and passwords. Having multiple different variations is confusing and a poor UX.

Am I suppose to use the new as a login?

This is my realm. Even requiring people have an account to purchase is a really bad idea. Let people buy the phone then if you need a special account ask them second. Let them spent $ first.



I do not think you need to have an /e/ ID to make a purchase. The OS even works without an /e/ ID .
The /e/ ID is only if you want to use the ecloud services with the phone. A lot of users do not have an /e/ ID and use the phone.
@alexis on our website in any of the screens - do we ask folks who want to purchase an ephone to create an /e/ account first ?

So my password for the newly created doesn’t work. I have reset it. This page;

I am using Brave and have allowed all cross-site trackers and cross-site device recognitions too.

I can’t proceed.

What login am I suppose to use? What email am I suppose to use?

Ok I saw the skip login!

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 12.07.17 pm

Now this. I am in Australia. I can pay for shipping obviously.


Ok I have done a full circle and realised you don’t sell outside of Europe. Why not?

So the only way is to buy a local S9+ and flash it myself?

I save half the price buying local haha that worked out well :slight_smile:

You don’t need to create an ecommerce account to purchase at, you can skip it and you’ll be taken to the next steps for the purchase.

Currently our ecommerce platform is independant from our cloud service. We will hopefully be able to connect them at some point. Not all users want to have their standard email associated with their purchases.

In Australia you can purchase via our local partner NCrypt cellular, check their URL

Best regards.


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