Cannot register on the gitlab to post bugs

Somehow it is complaining my email address is not valid. But you’ve guessed it. of course my email is valid.

So what would be the best way to make the developers know of bugs I find?

You can check this guide for the reason for the error while registering on Gitlab


how unfortunate.

for me it feels like an unneeded hoop to jump through. why could I not just use this account that already went through registration?

I have a GitLab account and I need to report a bug. I have searched for e Foundation (with and without spacing), eOS and /e/ and can’t find the project. Please post a link.

Found it. e · GitLab

The link

on the page cited by @Manoj seems broken

so you can register without jumping through hoops? I don’t understand why we can’t use the same credentials as for this forum.

It’s on the documentation page linked to above.

“Let us explain the reason behind this error. Some time back we had an issue with a large number of dummy IDs swamping our servers. As a preventive measure we now allow registrations from a limited number of email domains. Users wanting to register with their private email address or say their Gmail address, can send a request to and the team will create an account for them.”

Suggestion: Shouldn’t this topic be renamed from “Can register […]” to “Cannot register […]” to avoid confusion and better help people that run into similar issues? :thinking:

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Yes, I could not find edit thread option

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