Cannot send or receive images using the default Message App

Just got my new Murena One with e/OS installed. The default message app works fine with sending and receiving text messages. I cannot send or receive images?

I have been looking through settings and cannot find anything to turn on or off?

Has anyone experienced this?


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This will be a Carrier + APN thing. I guess you know that your carrier supports MMS? MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) now actually requires a url included in APN, perhaps check tag, #apn.

APN access point names are found in

Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names.

if it’s not MMS that you cant send/receive, it’s probably missing RCS support if the counterparty is a regular Google Android User, see Receive RCS from Android users

I had that problem for a while. it was solved with setting real geolocation and not random plausible location. Not the perfect solution, but it may be some problems with the isp server or something.

Thanks, I had a typo in my APN settings that my carrier sent me for the proxy url. Made the correction and now I am sending and receiving images.

This is not correct. I have trouble sending MMS, but can send sometimes if I go to the sms app an pick the picture from there. If I try to send a picture the other way, f.ex from Gallery to qksms, they are not sent and I get an error message

In case it might help you @Amadeus or others which bit is not correct ? (Ofc it was merely a reply to the issue reported by the OP)

there are image related issues still in qksms. I admittedly don’t test for it as I’'m charged for each mms.

One user linked ongoing image issues in his tests for app behaviour, maybe there is something in it for you or the related links - Sending MMS attachments fails when compression set to automatic · Issue #1569 · moezbhatti/qksms · GitHub - not necessarily the automatic-size feature, but setting a kbyte size value that would always work etc