Cannot switch back on - in AP - 'IP ADDRESS HIDDEN'

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 running e/os 1.16-r-20231018342509.

I cannot switch back on - in AP - ‘IP ADDRESS HIDDEN’, sliding the green button does work ie my IP is ‘Exposed’ … it has been like ithis for a number of weeks.

Any help appreciated.

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Now and then, I have the same problem. I switch the slide to 'on´ and see it seemingly working to establish the fake IP address, because I see the blue ‘working’ animation. But that animation doesn´t stop and the IP setting doesn´t change. Also on a Samsung, but this time a Galaxy A5.

Have you tried to reboot the phone ?

Yes, that did the trick. Thank you, Piero!

I must have restarted at some point, and now I can switch it on and off again at will, Thanks.

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