Cannot sync Gmail email

Since November 16, 2020 I cannot sync email to my Gmail account. It says

Address book ( kg)
Authentication failed (check login credentials)

IMAP settings look right, per Google’s instructions (; Requires SSL: Yes; Port: 993)
What can I do?
Here are the full logs.

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Can’t say since how long I have this problem.

If I delete the account and redeclares it, updates seem to work (for both address book and calendar).
If then I update address book and/or agenda on the computer, I think it still works (synchronizes). So pulling updates kind of works.

But if I update something on my phone directly then I get the same message you get for ever, until I delete/redeclares the account… Pushing updates seems to be the problem.

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I also have the same problem. I dont know since when…
Very annoying…

As I was really fed up with the situation I completely removed the Google account and migrated my address book to my /e/ account.

Same result An error pops each time it syncs contacts !!

Honestly I never ever faced this issue when using LineageOS, I really start thinking that unfortunately /e/ is not a solution…

Especially as there is no answer. People post things in this forum, but it doesn’t seem to trigger any bell on /e/ team side…

agenda, mail and contacts management should be a rock-solid core feature of the system, and unfortunately it’s not. :frowning:

Definitely /e/ DAV stuff does not work.

I wiped it out and replaced with DavX5 from FDroid as suggested in this ticket. Now everything works as it should (without /e/ pre-installed software then).

Then I am wondering why they are wasting time and resources developing something that doesn’t work instead of using already existing software…

@LaurentB How is the situation now as of v 0.15?

Hello @nikolai, I have no idea what v 0.15 is and what it refers to.

What I can say is that since I moved to DavX5, I completely forgot about it, which is exactly what I expect from this kind of component… It just works.

Trying to understand what 0.15 was, I’ve realized how misleading the version numbers were… Honestly it really looks like the goal was to name releases in a such a way that no one would understand what it means.
If someone could point me to a document where a clear mapping exists I would be really thankful.
I’ve found references to 0.15 as nougat, others as “U”… this makes absolutely no sense to me.

What I can say is that the reported version on my device is 0.13-o-2020120889191-dev-starlte which as far as I understand means v 0.13 (of /e/, but what does it really mean) and Android Oreo (o). Again the fact the two are mentioned in the same version number makes no sense to me, but probably there is an explanation somewhere.

What I understand from topics like this one, is that I could potentially move to Android 10/Q (I say potentially but reading the topic, I should probably wait for a century or two…), while the version remains 0.13

Again if there is somewhere a matrix of the versions (… 0.13, 0.14, 0.15…) and the android versions (…Nougat, Oreo, …) with for each of the cells of this matrix, compliant devices and features… That would clearly greatly help

So to come back to your original question @nikolai, sorry I didn’t try v 0.15, and apparently I cannot as not available for my device.
I bought a Samsung S9 because it was advertised in the front page of /e/ site… but it seems it’s actually a second class citizen which does not get latest updates…