Cannot use f-droid after reset my FP3


I don’t know if this is the right place to fix a problem I had with my FP3 with the stable version of / e /

Turns out I had to restore the OS to factory defaults because I got a virus and I can’t get f-droid to have the necessary permissions to be able to install apps or update existing ones. This is the message I got: «The system permissions were not granted on the extension. If you can, report this bug!» … any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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At first attempt to install something fro F-Droid, you should be prompted with:

From there, go to Settings and allow F-Droid to install packages:

If already done, as you didn’t describe exactly what happened with the virus problem, I’ll recommend to restart with /e/ ROM installation: this will overwrite your system, wiping out any malware that could remain.


Thank you very much for the answer.

The problem with the virus was that he sent SMS without stopping (I had an invoice of € 186 + VAT only for the SMS). Now this problem is already fixed.

The truth is that F-Droid does not appear between applications with chances of giving them installation installation permissions:

I guess I will have to reinstall the entire system from scratch instead of returning it to factory values.


Just another thing, from where I better install f-droid after resetting the FP3, from the APK or from the Apps app?

I installed from Apps, works fine :+1:


Thanks, I’ll try and say somehting

I’ve made a fresh installation of /e/ and I’ve got f-droid able to install apps:

Thanks for your help @smu44