Can't access internet

When I try to access most websites the phone will not access them. There is a little man next to the search bar with a red line through him. It says something along the lines of this site is not safe. Yet I accessed them previously.

Can someone please help an untech savvy person?

I have a Samsung S9 I got from e foundation

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Anybody have this problem?

the little-man-with-a-strikethrough is meant to be a “padlock” … if you browse on firefox to a http-only website ( … the default browser bromite has a classic warning-sign instead… or in which app do you see this?

Is your understanding of “can’t acess internet” that you can’t browse to websites - but any chat apps or the mail app still work?

then maybe some proxy setting applied unwittingly (by installing some app?) that forces the browser to degrade to http

It’s hard do speculate how you ended up there… you can reset network-settings (first option) if nothing else helps and then reconnect to your wifi.

Search for “reset options” in the settings menu:

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thank you. I think this worked.

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