Can't access my /e/ directory from my /e/ mobile

Hello everyone.

New to /e/ I am testing all the possibilities. At the moment I’m trying to add my cloud uploaded contacts directory /e/ on my smartphone (Unofficial Build Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Mi9T Pro raphael e-OS Q-build).
When I go to Settings > Accounts, try to do Add account then /e/, /e/ Address book, WebDav or WebDav Address book, it does not work.

I have tried entering my username or my email or my Federated Cloud ID, adding in the Base URL field or but nothing works. However, I have already managed to synchronise another account using a Nextcloud.

What can I do? We agree that I have to use my ecloud global credentials for this kind of thing.

Thank you for your help.

You may need the nextcloud app from F-droid


I can’t bypass this app? I just need to import and sync my contacts.

This allows me to use the /e/ cloud. I can’t get my contacts with this. And if I want to sync calendars and contacts from the NC app, I am asking to install Dav5… It’s not installed by default or it’s a fork?!

That is a bug. Did you add your /e/ account during ‘First Time Setup’ (i.e the first time you installed /e/)? If you did, then Contacts and Calendar sync should be enabled. If you did not, and this is the first time you have tried to add your /e/ account, then this should work. The steps are

  • Settings | Accounts
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose Add account (which shoud show the screen from your screen shot)
  • Select /e/ which should give a screen giving you choices
    • Login with email address
    • Login with URL and user name
    • Advanced login (special use cases)
  • Select Login with URL and user name
  • enter in the 'Base URL, your /e/ email address in 'Username`, and your password in 'Password
  • Press ‘Login’
  • You should then see a screen saying ‘COnfiguration detection’ then a screen showing ‘Create account’

At what stage is this not working?

The NextCloud app is not needed for contacts and calendar sync. You only need it if you want to sync files and documents between your /e/ cloud account and your phone

/e/'s Account Manager is a fork of DAVx5


Hi petefoth thanks for the help.

[quote=“petefoth, post:5, topic:41070”]
Did you add your /e/ account during ‘First Time Setup’ (i.e the first time you installed /e/)? If you did, then Contacts and Calendar sync should be enabled.[/quote]

No, I arrived on /e/ with some adventures [Unofficial Build] Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Mi9T Pro raphael e-OS Q-build - #30 by Parhit

If I do this with my login and password at I get an error saying “Login failed. Please check your username and passsword”.

However, they are correct (and from a password management software). Is it possible that my CDM is too long (32 characters)?

Sorry I have no idea.

Can you connect to in a web browser using those credentials? If not, then you need to contact support ad get your password reset. If you can, then try clearing cache and storage in the Account Manager app

Settings | Apps and notifications | See all Apps
Choose Show system from the three dots menu
Scroll to Account manager
Click Storage and cache

Hi there.

Yes, my credentials are good :dizzy_face:

I dit it (clearing the cache of my 2 apps perso and pro) but I have the same “login failed”. I noticed that I have a /e/ drive account managed, but even if I clear the cache of the /e/ Drive account, I have again the same issue…

Due to my unoficcial ROM?