Can't add Phone Number to profile

I’m trying to add my phone number to my profile but it keeps saying that it’s an invalid number. What is the format that I need to put in to get it to take my number?

I looked at my husband’s account and tried to mimic the format that I saw there - it still rejects the phone number. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to set up /e/ OS on my phone first?

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Hi, @Shademom welcome to the /e/ forum. I was not certain if you were talking about your profile at, so I looked up my own profile as I do not remember this item being available when I signed up.

I see there is a phone number field there, but it is marked “Locked” for me, I never filled it and it is empty. There is a rather cryptic note apparently offering insight into when an account owner might have access to the field.