Can't boot on TWRP OnePlus 6


I’ve tried to install the /e/ ROM on my OnePlus 6, I followed the instructions on the official wiki but I’m stuck at the TWRP part. I typed the command to boot on the TWRP recovery in order to install the ROM, but after that the phone is stuck on the fastboot splash screen, my device is correctly unlocked (bootloader). Do you have any ideas of what I’m not doing right ?


Your OnePlus 6 uses the A/B partition scheme first introduced. This isn’t mentioned in detail in the /e/ documentation.→ »Read these instructions and follow them carefully

I followed those instructions, and that’s after the fastboot boot twrp-3.2.1-0-enchilada.img that I’m stuck on the fastboot splash screen, I cannot even boot on TWRP to install it.

I had the same problem and what solved this was making sure I used a TWRP version that got shipped before the enchilada version I have on my phone!