Can't buy a 11.6" PineBook for $99.99 | always Out of stock



Out of stock

it says

  • The BTO process has been abolished and the upcoming batch of Pinebook will use pre-order method and inform by email thru newsletter subscription list. Please subscribe using this subscription link.

I subscribe like months ago and never received mail.

Is this Vaporware?

Any background info guys?

I think you are in the wrong forum. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Here we are talking abut eOS. Better tell your frustration the PineBook people

/e/ OS e-n-pinebook_20200309 is available, but there is no hardware for sale.

Pinebook Pinebook (beta) - “pinebook”

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By happy that you don’t get it, because in case of warranty, you are alone.
On my PinePhone after one week that battery is ‘grown’ and I can’t remove it anymore out of the case. The Pine64 support team has told my, that’s my fault and I have to order a new Samsung Battery via Amazon. After that, they never answer any mail and don’t accept that that’s a warranty case. So for me, Pine64 is dead !

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IFIXIT : How to safely remove a swollen battery

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thanks for the warning.
They told you reason why it’s your fault? Can you publish support communications?

Sure, tomorrow when I’m back on laptop I can create an pdf with the related mails.

here you will find the mails

Why you use Microsoft? See here a list with alternatives

You was rude, but I agree it’s a warrenty case.

Pine is rude in kind words, direct accusing him of damaging the battery. If the battery could be taken out there would have been no further damage. So warranty!

Hotmail is my email for Spammers :wink:

Quick question @harvey186: how much duties and taxes did you pay to get your PinePhone? Just curious.

It was around 50 Euro’s

Thanks. So in total, you paid around 180 € between the product cost and duties, right?

yepp. And 10 Euro’s for a relacement Battery, because the stcok batterie was broken after 1 week and the support never accept it as an warrenty case.
Before buying have a look in forum. You will find several posts regarding the worst after sale support.

Check eBay. Many people buy them on impulse and then sell them there. That is where I got mine. :grinning: