Cant change USB Preferences


I am testing an unofficial build of /e/-os and found that I cant change USB preferences. First I only find it in the settings by search. Secondly I dont even see the notification that a device is connected. I used connections from Windows and Ubuntu 20. Both encounter the same issue.

Is there any way to set this in terminal on the phone or smth else?


I managed to connect using adb

This here doesnt look good:
~$ adb shell svc usb getFunctions
it returns nothing

When you search settings for USB, do you also see “Default USB configuration”? Like this:

Secondly, depending on device, you might expect to see an “allow” pop-up when you connect the PC. On my Samsung I get no such pop-up but I get an unobtrusive notification. It seems to me that I have to acknowledge that notification.

yeah that option exists, but it doesnt change the fact that I cant access my phones storage from Laptop. I fear this unofficial build has way more issues than I thought. I fear that usb - properties arent even enabled.

So what does Default USB configuration say?

Default USB Configuration said this when I opened it for the first time:

I can set the options there - but it had so far no effect on connectivity. Am I doing something wrong?

You did nothing wrong at that stage if you changed the setting to “File transfer”.

The info box tells you it will be applied “later” :unamused:

I think the problem is that acknowledgment.

To get the Default USB Configuration setting to work, I enable Developer options (Settings > About Phone, then tap on Build number seven times.

The Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options.

Scroll down a long way and you’ll see the setting .

It’s not very easy to find, but this way works for me :slight_smile:

Good luck

Hi Petefoth,
a screen shot would be nice, I can’t find the option there.
Thank you

Here’s a couple showing whats before and after

Thank you, I’have the same configuration, but USB connection always the default one.


And each time I connect the phone I have to specify “file transfert”, unconnect and connect the phone. Not very simple!

If you press / select the line that says ‘Configuration USB par défaut’, you should see a screen that looks like this, where you can change the preferences

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much. I a newbe on that system, and very confusing.
Thanks again Petefoth