Can't create web shortcut

Both the included Chrome based /e/ browser and the Firefox Focus browser provide a menu item on web pages to “Add to Home screen”, which appears to work without errors, but the shortcuts do not appear on the Home (Blisslauncher?) page. Perhaps this is because I am running an unofficial build, but I suspect not.
Does this work for other people?

Maybe this will help:

I’ve not been able to do it since the latest OTA on official. Prior to that it worked.

Since last update ( i’m not able to create an icon on Blisslauncher with Taskmanager (de.hp.taskmanager) either

The previous icon made Blisslauncher to crash when i used it. So i deleted it and tried to create a new icon again, which no longer works.

I used this feature previously in /e/. It’s indeed an issue that appeared with one of the last OTA updates. The best would be if you’d raise an issue on GIT (