Can't deactivate Mail notifications

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I cannot figure out how to deactivate the push service of the native Mail client. (Edit: to be more precise, I talk about the mail-app pushing new mails to my notifications). I have gmail connected. When I go to app-settings all options except the last one are greyed out and active. Changing the last one “App-Benachrichtigungspunkt erlauben” doesn’t deactivate push messages.

Of course not. The push service is a server side action. The server sends push notifications to the client. The client reacts on them. The client sends keep alive notifications to the server to tell him it’s still listening.

If you really want to stop this (can’t imagine why) you could try to switch off “Synchronisieren (Push)” in the hope that the Mail app does then really not react anymore on the server’s push notifications.

I think my statement was not clear enough.
I don’t talk about the push service from server to mail client, but the push from the mail app to my notifications. Sorry for confusion.

I think I found it. It’s not in “Settings > Notifications” but in the app itself, there is a settings option

I understand the interest of cphr7 for this option, me too I’m continuously annoyed by emails notifications

So I search … and I have just realised that there’s a third place to set notifications in the status bar, it’s in the application’s “account settings” menu, copy below
simply uncheck “notifications of new emails”
if notifications needed, the the options are finely adjustable

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