Can't delete account on Mail (keeps coming back)

Context: I added a Gmail account to the Mail application (on Fairphone 3) to have notifications on new emails; but since I’m now redirecting Gmail emails to my main email address, I don’t need the notifications anymore so I tried to delete the account from the Mail application.

In the Mail app, I go to the settings, I chose the account, click on the three dots then ‘Delete account’, I confirm and I get directly a prompt to configure a new account.
But I don’t want to add another account so I just close the app.
Next time I go to the app, the account is still there :frowning:

I tried also deleteing Cache data and User storage, but the account is always coming back.

Any idea on how to make it disapear for good?

It may related to an gogol account assiciated with the phone in -->android settings -->account