Can't delete any items in ecloud

Hi - I have an ecloud account with additional data allowance, which I’ve been using to add photos and other documents. Having transferred some of them to Linux on my PC I now wish to delete them. However I’m unable to delete any files or folders irrespective of size. Help please! Thanks

Actually, now that I’ve tried it again, I can delete some files provided I keep trying over and over. But this can’t be right?

One reason this could possibly happen is that there is too much in the “Deleted files” folder. Did you already notice, deleted files are not immediately deleted, just transferred to “Deleted files”? When this happens, start “second” deleting with the very smallest files at first.

Many thanks for your response. Permanently deleting those has certainly helped. It still shows an error sometimes but usually when I refresh the page the file is gone. Thanks!