Can't disable 2e sim


I just bougth a terracube 2 and i want to use a 2e sim for junk calls. I need to disable it when i don’t use it so i don’t get bothered with spam calls.

I can’t disable the 2e sim. I use the parameter :
in french Réseau et internet / profil SIM / [name of 2e SIM] / utiliser le profil SIM
in english (approx translation) Network / SIM profile / [name of 2e SIM] / use the SIM profile

It shows a pop up Deactivate ? Cancel / Yes. It seems to work but then it automatocaly reactivate the SIM. Is there something else to do to prevent the sim from reactivating ?

Thanks in advance for any help

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from reading through a related gitlab issue I’m unsure if this is a universal Android setting or device / release dependent. I’m lacking a second SIM to test for my own device currently.

Could you verify with the default stockrom for the teracube2e (in their official forum or docs) that this feature is working? then the maintainer config would be lacking.

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I think it is as @tcecyk says, it is device depandant. I have Pixel 4a with eSim and physical. eSim I can deactivate, the physical I can not. I could not find any way to deactivate the physical one, I thought maybe I need to revoke access to make calls but none of it made it available.

Thank you both for your answers.

I have checked terracube support forum and they have a thread about it that goes back to a reddit post
it is related to android 10 and is 3 years old.

The gitlab issue that @tcecyk posted is not exactly what i’m experiencing. The switch button is actualy here but it swithes back on its own :crazy_face:

Not sure if it is android or the device that is bugging but it remains very anoing. I bougth this phone for this feature (and the headphone plug).

one way to verify is ask people with the same device on the myteracube forum or flash stockrom yourself and check it

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