Can't find app on Aurora

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to find a specific app on Aurora store but no luck so far. I thought all apps from the gstore were available here so not sure what is going wrong. I thought maybe this app is only locally available in the Netherlands so changed the spoofing language to Dutch but it didn’t help.
Does anyone have other ideas or explanations?

The app I’m searching for is called Kidsadmin Ouderportaal from Novict B.V.


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Did you try Settings (in Aurora, not System), Networking, tick the ‘Insecure anonymous session’ box? That’s the only way I coukd find UK-onky apps

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it now (+ signed in again) but it did not work. The weird thing is that when I type the app name it automatically suggests the complete name so it must know the app somehow, but I only get alternative apps presented.

See this post in a different thread, describing how I was able to see UK-only geo-restricted apps on a fresh install of /e/. You would probably need to set the system Language to Nederlands, and the language in Aurora Store Spoof manager to Dutch. Veel geluk!

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